Project ADRIAMET (2004-2008)

Project summary

The ADRIAMET project was created to fulfil the need to build a joint meteo-marine and forecasting monitoring system for the Adriatic. The system would provide support for navigation, and encourage inter-regional and international cooperation in the sharing of data, instruments and forecasting ideas in the meteo-marine field.
To this end, this project aims to set up and manage an IT system for meteo-marine and environmental monitoring of the northern Adriatic. Furthermore, it seeks to produce a meteo-marine forecasting bulletin which makes use of the individual skills of the institutes involved and of the added value obtained by integrating monitoring systems.
In the light of this:
  • the existing monitoring networks will be integrated and/or reinforced, also through the addition of new land stations or of one or more meteo-marine buoys, and, possibly, through the installation of webcams in coastal areas;
  • a networked IT system for multi-lateral use by the participants will be created. The system, will, on one hand, operate as a collector of data of stations considered of common interest and belonging to the monitoring networks of the institutes concerned. On the other had, the system will enable modern, efficient spread of information and of the resulting processed data to a broader sphere of users;
  • one or more multi-lingual reports will be drafted and distributed through inter-regional/international co-operation. The reports will contain forecasts on both the weather and on the state of the waters, and will aimed at users in the navigation sector (fishing, transport, sports navigation);
  • a model will be shared of the analysis and forecast of the physical state of the Adriatic sea (waves and currents);
  • the use potential of the meteorological Radar in the coastal and marine sphere will be developed, mainly by partner ARPA Friuli Venezia Giulia OSMER,

The project also aims - as a resulting but not secondary activity - to organise frequent meetings among the reference people of the various meteorological institutes involved. This is intended to create an interregional/international staff, constantly dedicated - at least for the duration of the project - to the study and in-depth examination of meteorological themes applied to the Adriatic area.

This project is parallel and extends, in a more specifically meteorological direction, to a context already being developed: monitoring the quality of waters in the Adriatic sea. In this context, the ADRIAMET project is linked to and actively co-operates with the two following project:

1 - the project titled “Development of study and monitoring activities on evolution of coastal-marine ecosystem, finalized to the safeguard, integrated direction and enhancement of the ‘Sea resource’“, promoted by ARPAV – Upper Adriatic Observatory, presented forInterreg IIIA/Phare CBC Italy-Slovenia, which is aimed at the study and monitoring of the evolution of the marine-coastal ecosystem

2 - the REQUISITE project of ARPA Emilia Romagna – Daphne Oceanographic Structure, in INTERREG IIIA Adriatic Cross Border, aimed at monitoring Adriatic waters in order to study eutrophic and mucilagephenomena. By co-ordinating with these two projects, ADRIAMET intends to contribute to the development of water quality monitoring.

ADRIAMET will also contribute, in cooperation with these projects, to development of marine monitoring.