Forecast for Sailing in the Adriatic Sea

An Introduction to the maps of Meteorological Model Lami

In these pages there are the maps of forecasts obtained by the computational Model for local area meteo-forecasting called LAMI. The parameters showed in the pictures on the ADRIAMET site are the ones that we think interesting for the most part of touristical and, why not, professional sailors. They are: WIND, CLOUD COVER and CUMULATED PRECIPITATION.
And more, a forecast of SEA CONDITIONS obtained by WAM Model, produced by Hydrometeorological Service of Emilia Romagna.
WIND: the wind maps show the direction (with arrows) and speed in meters/seconds (color scale) of the wind at 10 meters from the surface, forecasted by the LAMI model for the corresponding time step. The arrows are distributed on a grid of 21 kilometers.
CLOUD COVER: total cloud cover, showd with percentual value (total coverage = deep blue = 100% cloud cover)
CUMULATED PRECIPITATION: it's comprehensive of rain and eventually snow; the value in the map indicates the amount of millimeters of water precipitated in the previous 6 hours. To have just an idea of the significance of the amount of millimeters of rain we can have a look to the next classification:
- light rain: 1/4 mm/hour
- moderate rain: 5/15 mm/hour
- heavy rain/shower: 15/30 mm/hour
- thunderstorm: >30 mm/hour
(N.B. The table gives just an indication, real events could present significant differences)
SEA CONDITIONS: like in the wind maps, we have the direction (arrows), and the second parameters is the wave height in meters (color scale).